Enjoy a beautiful scenic trip of Icelandic nature with your own driver and guide. See the historical location at Þingvellir the oldest founded congress in the world. Experience the awe of Gullfoss and Geysir and finish the trip with a detour to one of our special location’s to have a drink and grab some food or taste the delicious homemade ice cream in a quite unique setting, a perfect end to a perfect trip.


6 – 7 hours


Included in this tour is a guided drive along the Golden Circle and the parking fee at Thingvellir National park.


Thingvellir National park, Silfra Canyon, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir.


The Golden Circle tour is probably Iceland’s most known adventure route.

This tour will take you to the highlights of Icelandic nature experiencing waterfalls, historic landmarks and hot Geysers.

This route takes in three of the most visited attractions in Iceland: Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall) and the world famous Geysir hot spring.

We’ll drive towards Haukadalur, to our first stop in the Golden Circle. This is a geothermally active valley where the hot spring Geysir and it´s little brother Strokkur are located. It’s a quite magnificent spectacle standing close to the Strokkur, watching it bursting up in the air every 5-10 minutes.

We continue with the Golden Circle tour, where there is only a short drive to our next stop, one of Iceland‘s most iconic waterfalls, Gullfoss, created where the Hvita river, which is fed by Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjokull glacier, plunges into 32 meters (105 feet) deep crevice, where you can see walls up to 70 meters (225 feet) At Gullfoss waterfall you will get to enjoy beautiful raw and untouched nature.

We recommend having lunch at the restaurant located at Gullfoss, Gullfoss cafe.

Proceeding with the Golden Circle scenic route, while driving back to Reykjavik we reach Thingvellir National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will get to stroll around the country’s most sacred site, home of the oldest existing parliament in the world, the Althingi which was founded the year 930, and major events in Icelandic history.

Thingvellir is a place of fascinating natural beauty, one of the most geologically spectacular, set on a vast plain flanked by large fissures, right on Iceland’s largest lake, Thingvallavatn. Thingvellir lies in a rift valley, where the Great Atlantic rift is clearly visible; a rift that is slowly pulling Iceland apart along tectonic plates and you can literally walk between the American and Eurasian continental plates.

At Thingvellir you can find the famous Silfra Canyon, with it’s clear cold waters you can see the whole way down to the bottom. You will also be able to throw a coin into Peningagjá (Money Fault) where the Icelandic people come to make wishes, although it is not related to any folk tales, visitors begun throwing in coins in 1907 and the name stuck to it.

After enjoying your scenic walk in Thingvellir national park, your driver will return you to your hotel in Reykjavik capital area

The Golden Circle tour is something everyone visiting Iceland should experience.

Duration from 6-8 hours.

Included in this tour is a guided drive along the Golden Circle and the parking fee at Thingvellir National park.